Dear ImaginASL Community Members,


As you know a national crisis is happening and we do appreciate all health workers and other essential workers who are working hard to keep all of us safe. There are many Arts organizations across the country who are thinking about our safety and our lives as a priority for those who are impacted by COVID-19.  ImaginASL Performing Arts, has decided it is in best our interest to suspend our actions and plans for this year until further notice. 


We do appreciate and value our ASL Community in Colorado and consider all of you are important to us. During this time, we will re-evaluate our plans for several events, productions, and fundraisers planned for this year. 


In the time being, we are here to present our project goals that will hopefully help stabilize our company for our future growth, our project goal is provided in the Gift Chart that will help us fund our operational expenses and other organization essentials that will allow us to achieve better opportunities in the future.  


If you would like to make a donation, please direct your attention to the button on the page to receive more information before making a donation and for us an important investment that will benefit ImaginASL in the long run. 


We are looking forward to serving you all once again in the near future! Please stay safe and healthy! 


All the Best, 


ImaginASL Board of Directors

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