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Mission Statement & Vision

ImaginASL Performing Arts strives to entertain, educate, and unite the Deaf and hearing worlds with rich unique artistic, cultural, and theatrical experiences full of American Sign Language.

Mission & Vision

Meet Our Board of Directors



Nouri Marrakchi

"Two worlds collide IAPA do fit"



Luis Villa

“Live your dream as if there’s no tomorrow”

Board Member

Aaron Kelstone

"Visual capacity to give imagination flight"

Board Member

Meredith Worthley

"Everyone deserves a chance to fly"

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Our History

Our History


We began as Rocky Mountain Deaf Theatre, LLC (RMDT) in 2011 and have transitioned into a non-profit organization, ImaginASL Performing Arts (IAPA). RMDT was originally founded by a Deaf woman, Nicki Runge, through the support of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. RMDT went on to produce seven play productions, hosted five entertainment events, and launched a national tour with two shows.


Our Achievement

Since January of 2016 ImaginASL has presented a theatrical production,“ ‘night, Mother”, a variety of visual arts workshops, and several fundraisers.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve 

ImaginASL is the only local theatre organization that directly serves the needs of the Deaf and hard of hearing population in Colorado. ImaginASL hosts play productions and visual arts workshops in American Sign Language.


When productions and workshops are given directly in ASL, the quality of the experience is enhanced for the Deaf and hard of hearing audience members, and Deaf and hard of hearing artists gain the opportunity to further their artistic pursuits. Our plays always include voice actors to give access to audience members who do not know sign language. ImaginASL caters to allies of Deaf culture and opens the door for more people to become allies of Deaf culture.

Future Plans

Our Future Plans

We plan to continue offeringfine/visual arts and theatrical programs, and would like to incorporate film-making and theatrical interpreting opportunities, all led by Deaf and hard of hearing artists. We would also like to impact a greater number of people by touring our theatrical productions to other states.

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